Phase 2 | Ready to restart. Responsibly


Dear friends,


we are pleased to announce that, starting from Monday 4 May, IFI, IFI Contract and Et al will resume full operation in each site, implementing all the safety measures necessary to protect the health of collaborators and whoever will have to enter in contact with company structures.


In these long weeks, in compliance with government provisions, we have carried out intense Research and Development activities to prepare ourselves for new scenarios and, at the same time, provide immediate responses to a market in need of new roads and new coordinates.


We are ready, full of energy and ideas to face a challenge to be taken as an opportunity. Designing new possible worlds, continually questioning habits and comfort zones is a principle of Design that has always belonged to us. What does not change is our vision: to innovate to improve people's quality of life. We continue to do so, with new ways and new paradigms.


In the awareness that phase 2 is an intermediate step, of fundamental importance for the life of people and for the country system, we invite everyone to scrupulously observe the safety measures indicated by the competent authorities, to avoid relapses that would have even worse consequences.