Ifi launches the first hybrid cold: Jolly Hybrid


It has revolutionized the circulation on road. Now hybrid enters also the world of cold with a further evolution of the technology for gelato preservation, born at ifi’s.
Jolly, designed by the ifi R&D department in collaboration with designer Marc Sadler, is the first gelato display case with the hybrid cold application.
Hybrid impacts on the delicate but necessary defrosting phase, breaking down the negative effects it has on gelato, an equally delicate food.
Thanks to an additional source of cold, which guarantees the continuity of temperature inside the showcase, gelato no longer suffers any thermal shock and therefore does not undergo any variations in its organoleptic qualities, its appearance (no longer glossy) nor loss of volume.

A more correct and mindful gelato preservations that touches not only the insiders, but also all gelato lovers who are looking for a more conscious consumption.

Other benefits of hybrid cold affect:

  • The store management: no daily shutdown of the display case is required, since the activation of hybrid allows a deeper cleaning of the tank bottom.
  • The longevity of the showcase: hybrid technology implies less engagement of the thermal engine, thus extending life of the case itself.