At FICO the story of the iconic italian bar and the culture of good drinking

One does not enter and does not leave Fico without an almost religious stop at the bar

We are proud to be part of the FICO Eataly World adventure, and prouder to be present with a symbol of the Italian culture and a piece of our own corporate history.  Two bars, opposites in concept and location, and the entrance with the welcoming area “Bologna Welcome” are the made in ifi project inside the world’s largest agri-food park.

Right at the entrance is the Bici Bar (Bike Bar), a name coming from the chosen vehicle for the park tours and a homage to the historic Italian drink "la bicicletta" (bicycle). Surrounded by wheels and bicycles, the first bar and drink area is the ifi furnishing system Bar Sharing. Social and modular, it brings a futuristic concept of the bar: with no front and back and with long link tables that can be moved to follow the various bar services, from breakfast to aperitif. The third ifi area is the Fico Cocktail Bar located near the exit: this time a tailored wooden "bancolozzo" that goes back to those bars of the early twentieth century with the foot rest.

Exclusive manager of the two bar areas will be Luca Pirola, bartender and entrepreneur, owner of the local CINC in Brera, Milan and founder at, the first Italian web magazine dedicated to the world of mixology and bartending. The Bicycle Bar management will be linked to the CINC, and will bring back the mood of the Brera's bistro and cocktail bar. A place that tells the culture of Italian drinking and recalls the imagination of the classic bar. Located at the entrance, to enjoy from coffee to aperitif, it will be a place where drinks known and forgotten will be served together with the excellence of the various dining outlets in the park., always under the guidance of Pirola, runs the management of the Fico Cocktail Bar, which will gather all the Italian excellence of spirits and alcohol. Surrounded by copper stills, the area will show distillation techniques.

Together with the exaltation of the italian classical bar, the leitmotif of the two areas will be the spread of the culture of Italian good drinking alongside the concept of "importing made in Italy": let Italy know its own excellence, in the path of awareness and enhancement that Fico Eataly World embraces.