Gelato Delivery with Gelato Coolbox Pans


Gelato Delivery for a better and healthier gelato.


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artisan Gelato is our world and gelato makers are our family. Passions and emotions are shared; together we sow and we harvest. Together we rejoice and face problems, because, as in any team, one's difficulty is everyone's difficulty. Never like today.

In these days, we are spreading with conviction the invitation to throw the heart beyond the obstacle. It is a spur, first of all towards ourselves, to overcome difficulties by continually expanding our comfort zones. We particularly like this expression because the engine of life called to continually renew itself is the heart. Symbol of lovepassion, but also of courage: all that is needed to (re) act and (re) start; so as not to remain motionless for too long.


With gelato parlors closed to the public in different countries and a scenario in the short to medium term that invites us to reflect on new social paradigms, the gelato delivery service is a method that allows you to continue working even in the immediate future. Several gelato makers are working to do it. Bringing gelato to people's homes is a new activity for our sector. In Ifi we immediately took action to bring our contribution to the gelato makers: a solution that allows you to store and transport gelato in the best way. By converting the Pans version of Gelato Coolbox into an isothermal container for traditional takeaway trays, this professional tool, unique in the panorama of artisan gelato, has several distinctive features:


  • It preserves gelato for over 6 hours, without the need to hard chill it for transport. Gelato arrives at home ready to taste.
  • The Gelato does not undergo thermal shocks due to hard chilling for transport and subsequent thawing. It is therefore tastier and healthier.
  • It can contain from 5 to 24 kg (11 to 53 lb) of gelato in standard trays (according to the shape and size).
  • It requires no electricity.
  • It is easily transportable in the trunk or on the seats of a small car, and can be moved by hand or on a special trolley.
  • In order to offer gelato makers concrete help also from an economic point of view, through its distribution network, IFI has arranged special purchase conditions for the whole season (including the month of August).


Gelato Coolbox: new ideas and opportunities, beyond delivery


As mentioned, the current scenario leads us to imagine new paradigms, new conditions of consumption and sale to the public, dictated by social behavior more devoted to outdoor spaces and domestic contexts. With the spirit of always bringing ideas and useful solutions to Gelato Makers for their work, we highlight that, in addition to the delivery activity, IFI Gelato Coolbox Pans (together with the entire Coolbox family) was born as a professional tool to bring Artisan Gelato out of the gelato shops, giving gelato makers the opportunity to offer their product in various contexts, in the form of personal service or through rental.


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