Gelato Day 2021


Since 2013, the European Day of Artisan Gelato has been celebrated on 24 March. Strongly asked by Artglace and Longarone Fiere, it is the only "Day" that the European Parliament has so far dedicated to a food. It is the Gelato Day.


In Ifi we are proud to have contributed to the birth of this important day, actively participating in the initiatives at the European Parliament HQ’s in Strasbourg and Brussels in 2011 and 2012. We fully recognize ourselves in a day that celebrates passion, research and genuineness to give moments of joy through the goodness of Artisan Gelato.


This year, Artisan Gelato chefs from all over Europe are called to the sweet challenge of the Spanish Mantecado taste. It will be a challenge in line with the time we are going through, with video shots. To participate, there is time until June 30. If you are an Artisan Gelato chef, find out how.