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Design Makio Hasuike & Co.

Perfect combination of elegance and technological innovation, Milia enhances gelato and pastry creations, preserving them with care and exposing them in order to draw attention from every point of view.

Milia is a display case of refined minimal design, which launches new challenges in terms of visibility, preservation, hygiene, easy maintenance and attention to energy saving.


Perfect visibility
The exaltation of gelato and pastry.
The absence of visual barriers, the large front glass and the lighting with 3 different LED light sources enhance the gelato and pastry that seem magically suspended.


Unprecedented preservation
Technology that makes the difference.
The high-performance refrigeration system together with the insulating rear closure and the smart defrosting* highlight the organoleptic qualities and the appeal of displayed products.


Innate elegance
Emotions in evening dress.
Thanks to the extremely minimal and refined lines, Milia is a design piece capable of giving elegance to any furnishing context and emphasizing any mood.


Total hygiene
Taking care of people.
The insulating rear closure limits the access of external air to the moment of administration thus reducing contaminations. A special anodizing treatment (GHA®) grants antibacterial properties to the sliding guides.


Easy maintenance
Long live the display case.
Accessing the condenser for maintenance has never been so quick and easy, without the use of tools. The GHA® treatment gives extremely long-lasting lubrication to the sliding guides, making their use always fluid and easy over time.


Strong focus on energy saving
Responsible excellence.
The insulating closure of the sliding doors, the reduced number of defrosts and the latest generation LED lights help containing electricity consumption.

*For Gelato versions.


Milia range


L.1262 / 1762 / 2262 H. 1151 mm

49.71"/ 69.40"/ 89.08" H.45.31"




-2°C; -18°C

+28.4°F; -0.4°F


-2°C; -18°C / +4°C; +8°C

+28°F; -0.4°F / +39.2°F; +46.4°F



Upper shelf +18°C; +22°C | +64.4°F; +71.6°F

Lower shelf +8°C; +12°C | +46.4°F; +53.6°F

Display surface +4°C; +8°C | +39.2°F; +46°F


Milia is set for Galileo – My Connected Guardian Angel.

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