Design Massimo Curzi

More than a furnishing system, it is a real aesthetic technology: Layers is Ifi’s innovative proposal that enhances the material qualities, designed for personalization and individual expression. Compared to traditional solutions, Layers allows you to dress the bar counter through a combination game of three types of overlapping materials that give depth and three-dimensionality to the cladding, which becomes interchangeable in order to transform the mood of the counter and the environment with simple steps. The transformation and customization core is a structural technological aluminium bar, designed by Ifi, which runs horizontally along the entire counter length and contains the hooking system for the aesthetic panels and the whole lighting system.
Applied through high-power directional magnetic contact points, the panels are extremely light and easy to handle.

The finishes that characterize the counter front are based on three materic types:

Chromatic (fixed) used to identify the range of finishes associated to the innermost surface - the “sheet” upon which to draw;

Tactile (inter-changeable) is the family of materials dedicated to the customisation of the intermediate surface - the level that offers unexpected sensorial surprises;

Solid (inter-changeable) encloses the finishes associated to the external surface, the most exposed one and therefore it consists of highly resistant materials - the seal of the work.

Ten ultra-light paneling formats. Fifteen aesthetic variants for cladding panels.
Back shelving: Tubular structure in satin-finish steel customizable with cladding panels in the aesthetic variants of tactile and Solid levels. Shelves: in anodized extruded aluminium for maximum strength.

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