Slide Cover Bellevue/Panorama

Bellevue and Panorama® cluster

With bellevue and Panorama technology the great book of Artisan Gelato opened a new chapter, a turning point for the talents of Artisan Gelato-makers. The enlighted vision of an entrepreneur and the DNA of IFI's R&D Department managed to synthesize and highlight two fundamental charachteristics of gelato making that have always been the antithesis of each other without compromising either: perfect preservation of the gelato in the pozzetti and visibility of the flavours in display cases. There are many other benefits: hygiene, energy savings compared with traditional display cases, the possibility of managing different temperatures in very small spaces, ergonomics and its modular nature. And that's not all: thanks to its versatility, the Panorama Technology opens new business horizons for artisan gelato-makers and those designing new premises. 
Can it have been by chance that the design Oscar, the ADI Compasso d'Oro won by Bellevue in 2014, was awarded for the first time in its long history to the world of gelato?